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As every great event organizer knows, the best events are delivered through collaboration. ShowGizmo is more than a great piece of technology—it is a team of event professionals that stand ready to guide you through the process of using our app to make your next event a success.

ShowGizmo is simple and intuitive enough to be used by anyone. But when you choose ShowGizmo, our team becomes your team, ready to collaborate and guide you through the process. We stick with you from setup to wrap-up.

Helping our customers create great events is our top priority.

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We love technology, but we are event-people first. We built ShowGizmo based on years of experience solving the toughest challenges of running a successful event. All of our features are ready off-the-shelf but can also be tailored to fit your unique needs.

We lead the industry in capabilities and features…and we never stop improving our product. But our true innovation is that we enable great event organizers to create great attendee experiences. We give you the tools, transparency, and control that result in better events.

What is CrowdMics?

Success guaranteed

ShowGizmo is the only event app that guarantees attendee engagement. Across the globe, events running ShowGizmo have higher usage and attendee uptake than other solutions. And higher uptake translates directly into improved overall event ratings and attendee satisfaction.

Contact us today to learn more about our 50% uptake guarantee!

Engage your attendees

Meaningful community via the live Event Feed. Let your attendees post comments, pictures, and ask questions.

Private Messaging. Intuitively connect attendees, exhibitors and speakers right in the app.

Increase sponsorship opportunities

Digital Passport Program. Deliver value to exhibitors and attendees alike with quick QR code scanning.

In-app sponsorship. Multiple options from mobile optimized banners to full-screen ad opportunities to increase ROI.

Send alerts and updates

Dynamic Scheduling and push content. Change event details on the fly and send notifications to all attendees, exhibitors, and speakers for changes, alerts, and key events.

Beacons. Enable tracking, location triggered notifications and access to downloads.

Create Digital-first events

No hardware required Our app turns your smart phone into the only piece of hardware your attendees will ever need – replace scanners, polling remotes, survey & rating sheets, microphones and more.

Reduce Print costs. Lower your printing expense while providing attendees more complete and up-to-date information.



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