10 Tips to Help You Stay on Your A-Game While Working from Home

1. Set Real Work Hours & Create A Daily Routine

An enjoyable perk of working from home is not getting up and rushing out of the house to commute to your office however, it’s important not to skip your normal morning routine. Get up early, make your coffee or tea and breakfast. Get some fresh air by taking a walk, or stretching on your doorstep!

Working from home means you may have some flexibility in setting your work hours. To remain at your most productive, keep focused and develop a healthy work schedule, set specific work hours and stick to them.

Make sure you communicate your work schedule to your boss and your team - and to your family at home who might be expecting more of your time than usual.

At the end of the day, shutdown your laptop, put away work related devices or change your status in work related apps to “away”.

2. Set Up A Dedicated Workspace

Set up a dedicated space in your home, away from distractions where you can work every day. Avoid watching TV and other digital distractions during your work hours, so you can focus on getting your work done. If you need background noise, stream some music that matches the energy of what you are working on and complements your work style.

3. Review And Update Your To-Do List At The Start Of Each Day

Plan what you will be working on ahead of time. At the start of each day, think about what you want to achieve for the day. Review your priorities and make a to-do list to help you keep track of your tasks, priorities and deadlines. Set time limits for each task and cross them off your list as you complete them. Get into the habit of using your calendar to keep track of deadlines, meetings and appointments.

4. Dress The Part

As tempting as it may be to work in your PJs, doing this is detrimental to your productivity. Even if you won’t be leaving the house, dress as if you are heading into the office. This really matters when you work from home as it psychologically gets you in the right mindset for work and you’ll feel ready to jump into a video chat or virtual meeting at any time.

5. Don’t Forget To Take Breaks

While it’s important to stay productive when working from home, taking regular breaks is not just recommended but it’s essential for your mental health and physical well being. Research shows that taking short breaks every hour can increase your creativity and productivity. Stand up, have a stretch, go for a short walk. As an added bonus, you can also wash the dishes and put on a load of laundry on your break!

6. Meet And Collaborate With Your Co-Workers

Social distancing doesn’t need to mean total social isolation. Staying connected with your co-workers and maintaining human interaction is collaborative, productive and healthy when working remotely. Use instant messaging, screen sharing and video conferencing to stay connected with your team. This will also remind you how your work is contributing to your company’s goals.



7. Fuel Your Body

Drink plenty of water and make sure you have your fridge and pantry stocked with healthy meals and snacks. Prepare your food ahead of time, as you would if you were going to the office, so you can use your meal breaks to eat!

8. Communicate Expectations With The People Who Are Home With You

It’s not uncommon for family and friends to interrupt you during work hours when you are working from home. Set yourself up for success by setting clear boundaries with the people who live with you to respect your space during work hours.

9. Limit Social Media Time

Social media can be a massive distraction and time waster if you aren’t careful. Familiarise yourself with your company’s social media guidelines. For example, you may be encouraged to engage in approved social media channels like LinkedIn. Minimising unproductive use of social media helps avoid distractions so you can focus on maximising your productivity.

10. Stick To Your Set Finish Time

Keep your work/life balance in check. Working from home can establish more work/life balance, but it can also provide an environment where you completely lose track of time. In the office, co-workers packing up and leaving for the day reminds you to do the same. Set an alarm to remind you your normal work day is nearly over and start the process of closing down for the day.

During this time, our team are working from home & are available to support you and your business needs. We understand that business as usual for you may have changed significantly - please feel free to contact us if there is anything we may be able to help you with.

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