5 simple ways to supercharge the way you market your next event

Getting the word out and capturing the attention of your attendees is never as straightforward as it should be, and the importance of event promotion increases by the day. While competing for awareness, there are several useful hacks for marketing your event that can dramatically improve its success.


"You start behind the 8 ball, you'll never get in front." – Harvey Spectre

You know this one – It's obvious. But it's my life's mission to stress the absolute importance of getting a head start. How early is too early? Earlier than you've been doing so far, trust me. Good things take time, and giving attendees the courtesy of planning ahead really does work. Protip; make the most of a Social Media Content Calendar – they're incredibly useful for planning event-related content ahead of time so you never miss a beat again.


Don't just connect with your attendees; go deeper! So many event planners and marketers forget the various figures to engage. Converse with your delegates, make friends with the exhibitors, and become besties with the venue. They all want your event to be amazing, so make the most of it. One of my favourite ways of breaking the ice is through Twitter. Be sure to follow, retweet, DM – all to show your support. Remember: the more you give today, the more you'll get back tomorrow.


Speaking of Twitter – what social media platform might be best for marketing your event? The trick is to analyse your audience. I'm talking age, gender, location, even income; all these factors determine where the party is. Here's my go-to infographic that covers the basics of social media demographics, which is invaluable for choosing where your word carries most weight. A word of wisdom: don't stretch yourself too far. It's better to master one social media platform than be average at five.


What's tricky with social media is that no matter how good your content is, it quickly disappears and gets bumped down the list to make way for new content. How can we combat this as event planners? Here are some quick-fire tips:

  • Pin your most important event content to the top of your Twitter and Facebook – it will stay at the top of your page and be seen first by visitors.

  • Use an event hashtag (#YourEvent17) to become even easier to find and engage with by everyone involved.

  • Recycle and retrofit your best content – you've heard of #TBT right? What a great opportunity to reinforce your event's promotion. Consider the Rule of Seven which is the idea that prospects need to see your message at least seven times before taking action.

  • Update your website banner and email signatures. Hey, every little bit helps, and these won't get bumped down social media feeds.


Never forget one simple truth; people want to have fun at your event, and you know more than anyone what value you can provide to achieve this. Make sure your event has as much personality as you do, and I can guarantee that your event will be on the right track to success. Don't forget to do your homework – a great place to start is ShowGizmo's amazing webinar: Take the Risk Out of Your Event Social Media Strategy. It's here that you'll dive into social media for events and receive our top tips on eliminating risks from your events social strategy.

Got any more hacks and ideas? Let me know! And I wish you the best of luck at your next event – I'm sure it will be a blast!

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