COVID-19 Update


This is ShowGizmo’s official statement for addressing the current COVID-19 situation in regards to conferences and events currently scheduled. It is our policy as of March 18 2020 and we will update it as the situation evolves.

Please note: This statement does not replace the current in-country guidelines provided by health officials as COVID-19 is evolving rapidly.


We are staying informed from direct sources based on facts. Our primary sources of information on the virus and recommendations for best course of action are the following:





We are reviewing these direct sources of information daily for significant updates that could impact your event and attendees’ health and safety. We will provide information to our customers to analyse risk and help you make decisions as the event approaches.


We understand you may choose to move online, postpone, cancel or continue with your event. Here is how we will support you - and please note all these options are not time limited; you may alert us to a move online/postponement or cancellation at any time while this policy is in place.


Impacts and disruption of travel due to COVID-19 will continue to create more uncertainty in the immediate term. You may be considering transitioning to a virtual meeting or providing online live streaming capabilities to complement the event for those who will be unable to attend in person.

ShowGizmo is actively working with our technology partners to provide these capabilities. Please contact us to discuss these options as you continue to plan your event.

Event Postponement

If you choose to postpone your event, ShowGizmo will work with you to update details in your app, to move the event to a future date and time.

For ShowGizmo customers with ‘bundled’ events, we will honour any deferred events and the ‘bundled’ count will not be affected.

Event Cancellation

The decision to cancel your event will be a difficult decision but we are here to support you.

For ShowGizmo customers who choose to cancel their events, we will offer a ‘credit’ for a future event.


If you have any questions regarding your conference or event, please email us at We want to do all we can to make this difficult time easier for you, so please reach out!

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