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Packed full of customisable features

We understand that no two organisations - or two events are the same. That's why we've crafted a product suite that can be tailored to fit every type of event.


Ready now!

Need your event app now? No problem! Publish your event inside the ShowGizmo app and you’re up and running today.

Want to go white label? We also publish branded apps with all of the core ShowGizmo features.

Customisable on the fly

Our admin dashboard is designed to let you have full control over the look and feel of all your events.


 What you get when you partner with ShowGizmo

Producer Dashboard

Our flexible interface gives you the freedom to customise your app with our app designer, access feedback on your whole event in real time with our reporting feature allowing you to see which sessions are creating buzz and which need adjusting on the fly.


Designed to encourage audience participation and better quality sessions at your event, ShowGizmo’s Ask a Question feature allows attendees to anonymously ask questions to speakers and presenters in real time. A moderator can accept or decline questions in real time.

People, Exhibitor & Sponsor Lists

Add all of your app users into searchable, filtered lists. Import from your registration system or add directly and let the networking begin.

Maps & Floorplans

Give your attendees the convenience of handheld maps and floor plans at your event. Upload as many maps as you like and drop pins at key locations or sessions to simplify your attendees experience.

Lead Qualification

Empower your exhibitors to qualify leads when a guest visits their booth. Your exhibitor will scan the attendee’s name badge or in-app ticket, ask some qualifying questions and report on all the data collected during or after the event.

Digital Passports

No attendee badges for exhibitors to scan? No problem! Put the power back in the attendees hands with our Digital Passport Program. This feature allows attendees to scan posters placed at exhibitor booths and answer some of the exhibitors pre-loaded questions - a bit like reverse lead qualification. It's a perfect opportunity for increasing attendee engagement with exhibitors, and provides you with a new revenue stream.

Real Time Training

Our team will walk you and your team through our producer dashboard during comprehensive training sessions, ensuring you are well equipped to populate and adjust your app's content whenever you need to.


Our most popular feature unifies all of your session details into the palm of your attendees hands, removing the need for paper schedules. Attendees can easily toggle between the full agenda and their own personalised version.

Networking & Social

Our event news feed pulls conversations surrounding your event from Twitter and allows users to post via the app. Our private message feature fosters direct communication, giving attendees more opportunities to network before, during and after your event.

Evaluations & Feedback

Attendees can provide instant feedback on your event without resorting to paper forms. This important information provides you and your team with comprehensive data to analyse and use for future events.

Live Polling

Easily set up polls before or during your events to make your sessions come alive. Allow attendees to vote and create dynamic results that can be viewed via a URL link on any screen.

Nested Schedules

Designed to meet the needs of large or multi-schedule events, the 'split program view' allows for an unlimited number of “mini conferences" within an event.

ShowGizmo Support

As every good event professional knows, great events are delivered through teamwork. Your app can be entirely managed by you but we're always here to help. Our team becomes your team - ready to collaborate. Our team is on the front line with you to help make sure your event is a success.

Marketing & Communications Advice

Our team will provide you with marketing collateral and recommendations to help you communicate and optimise uptake of your app before and during your event.